The power shift to the hands of the citizen

Digital disruption is one of the biggest drivers of change we have witnessed in recent times and is rewriting the relationship government has with its citizens. This is the time to relish the significant opportunity for leaders in the public sector to rethink what’s possible, to build a dynamic relationship with citizens and use the technology available to drive innovation and agility.

When they write the history of this digital period I am convinced data, analytics, cognitive computing and the ability to extract deep insight out of the explosion of data to create new human experiences – will stand alongside the transistor and the Internet as “the” breakthroughs of the century.

Today’s citizens are empowered. Individuals have the computing power that used to be limited to organisations sitting in the palm of their hand. They are able to easily manage their worlds, communicate continuously using different methods, receiving information the way they want, with all the choices at their fingertips.

With this shift of power they now demand timely responses, connected experiences between agencies, simpler ways to process their information and most importantly they want to feel like who they are interacting with knows them.

Technology is enabling this disruption and to remain ahead the need to deliver highly personalised services and incredible value to customers is higher than ever before. In essence, the customer/citizen is now all powerful.

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