Digital transformation: now is the time for leadership and vision

Digital offers public leaders a unique opportunity to rethink the relevance of their agency. Leading in the digital era requires a different approach to management and there are five core capabilities that are the foundation for any successful transformation.

The digital era opens up radical new possibilities for the design and delivery of government services to citizens, communities and businesses and responding to this digital challenge requires a distinctively different approach to leadership and management.

There is no textbook for this new style of leadership. Much about digital is about giving it a go and releasing the energy and ambitions of your staff and stakeholders.

We are unabashedly excited about the potential for digital to deeply and powerfully rebuild the relationship between government and its citizens and on the day the new Digital Transformation Office formally begins, the Mandarin — together with IBM — begins a series around what is needed to develop the key building blocks of this new digital DNA — citizen and customer centricitydata and analytic literacyinnovation and agility, experimentation and collaboration; and expertise in technology.

These are the capabilities that provide the foundation for digital transformation. Well developed, they provide deep and powerful ways to rethink departments and agencies strategic mission and remit. Some agencies are well down the path of building these foundations, many are not, and the challenge is how to fast track the development of these internal skills and cultures.

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