Lloyd’s lighter touch: public service commission cuts internal red tape

In a demonstration of lighter-touch regulation, the commissioner in charge of government recruiting says there’s no need to advertise SES jobs in the Australian or the AFR. He’s signalled the start of the red-tape cutting agenda by simplifying his own directions on recruitment, diversity and safety.

Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd has gotten out of the rubber stamping of Senior Executive Service appointments, and is looking for other ways to reduce the compliance burden this office imposes on the rest of the service in employment matters.

Lloyd has simplified the guidance contained in the Commissioner’s Directions 2013 to “remove detail that is no longer needed” as well as make the change regarding SES selections, according to his latest newsletter.

Chapters three and five, which respectively concerned workplace diversity and safety responsibilities, have been removed. According to a circular explaining the amended directions, it seems that APSC believes there was no need for the directions to reinforce and expand on the responsibilities of agencies to their employees, which remain under legislation:

“Chapter 3 expanded on existing requirements for workplace diversity, including the requirement for agency heads to uphold the APS Employment Principles and the requirement to establish workplace diversity programs, pursuant to sections 12 and 18 of the PS Act, respectively. The requirements of the PS Act remain. …

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