Executive remuneration leaps ahead in NSW public service

While most of the NSW public service is subject to a 2.5% pay rise cap, the incoming heads of Treasury and the Barangaroo Delivery Authority will take home significantly more than their predecessors — but still far from typical offers at private sector organisations of equivalent size.

The new chiefs of the New South Wales Treasury and Barangaroo Delivery Authority will be given significant pay rises to shrink the gap with private sector salaries, while other public servants continue to be subject to a 2.5% cap, according to the 2015 annual remuneration determination by the NSW Remuneration Tribunal.

Craig van der Laan (pictured above), who was confirmed last week as the new CEO of the BDA after acting in the role since August last year, will receive a base rate of $565,000 per annum, with a discretionary additional amount of up to 12%, meaning he could take home up to $632,800. This is an increase of 39% on what former CEO John Tabart was paid.

The increase puts van der Laan in the highest paid tier of public sector executives in NSW, even as a Band 3. However, the salary is still far short of what would be offered in the private sector for a project of equivalent size. Barangaroo is Sydney’s largest redevelopment project this century, which the authority values at over $6 billion, involving the redevelopment of 22 hectares.

In a joint statement with BDA chair Terry Moran last week confirming his appointment, van der Laan described the project as an amazing urban transformation:

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