Glenys Beauchamp: ‘truly new ideas cut across silos’

The commitment to facilitating innovation across the APS has the full backing of the Secretaries Board, says the Industry and Science secretary launching Innovation Month 2015. It requires not just talented individuals and adaptive thinking, but breaking down bureaucratic layers and challenging silos.

The Australian Public Service and public administration in general has got a lot to be proud of, we don’t get the opportunity as public servants to talk about some of the achievements. We’ve had lots of commentary from all sectors about the things that go bad, and the things we should be doing. So I’m really proud to be launching Innovation Month.

I would like talk about a few things on public sector innovation. First, why the digital revolution offers us so many opportunities as well as challenges, and how public sector innovation is an integral part of how we can respond. Secondly, I would be pleased to talk to you about steps that have been agreed with my fellow secretaries to strengthen our innovation capability across the public service. And thirdly, I would like to share my excitement about some of the things that are going on across Innovation Month.

And we have a short video for you highlighting some examples of innovation in practice from across the Australian Public Service.

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