Leadership: why being a good boss is damned hard work

Teams aren’t high performing by themselves. Leadership is complex and hard work — “the art of reconfiguring reality to create something different”. Here’s eight tips for getting the most out of your people.

Leading a team — even in good times — is no easy task. Damn it, staff are funny that way — reluctant to play the role of pawns to be directed, manipulated and sacrificed as required.

In challenging times, when the stakes and pressure are higher, leaders come into their own. Leadership is not just management. It’s the art of reconfiguring reality to create something different, better, brighter. Different programs. Better teams. A brighter day.

But how exactly?

Well, first up, remember that leadership implies purpose and direction. Be clear about where you and your team are going, about how you’re going to get there together. Don’t keep this plan to yourself. Clearly communicate this to your team.

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