Get involved: whole-of-government ‘innovation hub’ trial open for ideas

Open Innovation in government graphic

Commonwealth public servants attending last week’s Innovation Month Summit were encouraged to start using a new central platform to register fresh ideas and novel solutions to difficult challenges — but there are still plenty of challenges for leaders looking to establish a culture of innovation.

The Australian Public Service is trialling a new whole-of-government “innovation hub” to gather bright ideas centrally, but there are still plenty of challenges for leaders itching to usher in a new era of creativity and collaboration.

The “platform for the whole of government to share ideas” came up during a wide-ranging panel discussion that concluded last week’s Innovation Month Summit, along with human resources perspectives on innovation and views on how to attract ministerial support for inventive new ways of working.

Department of Finance project officer Julie Di Carlo, a co-ordinating member of the Public Sector Innovation Network which runs the summit, encouraged public servants in the audience to get involved with the trial and said a promotional video was being sent around the APS.

Agencies participating in the trial are the Department of Industry and Science, Department of Employment, IP Australia, Department of Finance, Department of Communications, Australian Taxation Office, Department of Education, Department of Social Services, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and Department of Health.

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