Tasmanian Treasurer deciding where to cut 500 jobs

After announcing another 500 jobs will go, Tasmania’s Treasurer Peter Gutwein will meet with department and agency heads to decide where the axe will fall.

The Tasmanian Treasurer will this week meet with agency and department heads to discuss where jobs can be cut, following an announcement last week that 500 positions were to go from the state service.

The Tasmanian government stated on Thursday that it had “no other option” than to cut the 500 jobs after the upper house decided to delay legislation that would have seen a freeze in public servants’ pay increases for the next 12 months.

This will bring the total full-time equivalent jobs to be cut over the next four years to 1200. A government spokesperson told The Mandarin:

“We are very disappointed with the outcome, we had a strategy to save 500 jobs. Labor and the unions lobbied against this from day one, and now they have what they wanted. The Treasurer Peter Gutwein is this week meeting with ministers and heads of agencies to discuss savings measures and identify where additional positions will have to come from.”

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