What do you mean I need ‘permission’?

The Australian portal business.gov.au and its licence and information service helped show that “government as a platform” can ease a common frustration with regulation. Now the UK Government Digital Service is looking for the next step.

Licence, permit, registration, certification, accreditation — government has lots of different ways for people to get permission to do something. They all do the same thing — they’re all authorisations by government for an individual or organisation to do something (or not do something).

Together with some of our colleagues at agencies and departments across the UK government, we’ve just completed a discovery about what “getting permission from government” looks like now, and what it might look like in a world of government as a platform.

We’re not trying to create a uniform, one-size-fits-all permissions system. But, we are looking into how common frustrations and similar processes might be opportunities to bring consistency to getting permission for users, and ease of service delivery for government.

What does ‘permission’ mean?

There are hundreds of government permissions written into our laws. Over 100 million permissions are issued in the UK each year.

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