Paul Shetler: ‘no other government is as ambitious’ for seamless service integration

The honeymoon is over for the new CEO of the Digital Transformation Office. NSW has announced its own myGov competitor on the same day as Paul Shetler’s first event to spruik the Commonwealth’s plans for national sign-up to its digital identity platform.

Seamless digital services from three levels of government is the dream, and Digital Transformation Office chief executive Paul Shetler is confident it can become a reality.

“Technology is now abundant and we should and will take advantage of that to redesign our services, such that the user can have a relationship with government as government,” he told a packed room at the National Gallery of Australia this morning.

“Not this department, not that agency, not that particular state, not that particular locality or some government subdivision within it, but with government, because in fact that’s how people think of it.”

Shetler, who was announced as the inaugural CEO of the $250 million federal Digital Transformation Office earlier this month, made the comments at his first public forum — hosted by IPAA ACT during Innovation Month — since arriving in Australia from the UK.

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