ATO’s bumpy ride from ‘archaic’ to myTax

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The ATO’s digital reinvention is only just getting started and its already learning from criticism of the myTax launch. But what impressed CIO Jane King especially was how the agency responded to the crisis.

Commentators were quick to condemn the myTax application after it copped flack from some frustrated early users, but the Australian Taxation Office’s chief information officer says sentiment has rapidly improved in the intervening weeks, and she was amazed at how the team responded to the issues.

Janet King

Jane King

Tax Office CIO Jane King admits the agency was seen as “archaic” and “out of touch” by many in the community and government only a couple of years ago. Looking at where it has come from, the ATO’s more recent forays into digital service delivery and its plans to build on them in future might turn into a more positive story than its critics would like to believe.

“E-Tax was seen as an icon in its day but we were certainly hearing from our clients that we were way behind the sort of experiences that they were having elsewhere,” she told the Technology in Government conference in Canberra yesterday. “Consequently, it is no coincidence that we have a completely new senior management team, so completely new set of commissioners who took it upon themselves to drive the sort of change and experiences that we were going to deliver to both the community and internally to our staff.”

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