First 90 days not enough: CEO’s guide for driving transformation

New leadership research from BCG questions the ‘first 90 days’ orthodoxy of driving organisational change. Take time to understand and define the ambition, writes Victorian Leadership Development Centre’s Leanne Ansell-McBride.

Experience leading large scale transformational change is a critical capability of executives across the Victorian Public Service. According to Boston Consulting Group, leaders have a short window of opportunity to deliver step-change in performance through transformation following their appointment.  In their article ‘the new CEO’s guide to transformation’ they suggest “leadership transitions increasingly happen when companies are at an inflection point” and new CEOs face “considerable pressure to deliver transformational change”. They describe transformation as a “fundamental reboot” — a “profound change in a company’s strategy, business model, organisation, culture, people or processes”.

With the pressure on new leaders to perform, BCG suggest Michael Watkins’ 90 day plan is not enough. They encourage new CEOs to start defining their ambition 100 days before starting — with a plan for the first few weeks, first 100 days, and the first 18 months. Click read more to learn what you could do to energise the organisation, win in the short to medium term to overcome the cynics, and ultimately drive long term sustainable change.

To hit the ground running, BCG indicate leaders should thoroughly investigate the organisation’s situation in the first 100 days before starting to “define the ambition”.

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