Networking secrets of CEOs

Connecting with others is a crucial skill for those who aspire for the top jobs, writes brand strategist Amanda Rose. There’s a right way to do it, exhibited by those who do become chief executives.

There is often a good reason behind why certain people reach the level of CEO regardless of experience and education. And the crucial factor that has helped elevate them to that position of power is who they know ­– valuable relationships they have built over time.

The success of this factor, of course, comes down to their skills in networking; or as I like to call it: connecting.

So, how do CEOs build relationships and network and why is it different to everyone else?

1. They know their value

People in positions of power and influence know exactly what their value is and what they can bring to the table. There is no question in their mind about their qualities, experience and track record. They don’t feel the need to prove themselves in every single encounter with people.

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