Archives awarded for defining digital information management

The National Archives has been recognised by its professional peers for helping to define the key skills needed by digital information managers, as the importance of this kind of expertise continues to grow, along with the quantities of data held by large organisations.

Digital information management is rapidly growing in importance to the point where it is beginning to emerge as a distinct profession, and the National Archives of Australia has won an accolade for its contribution to defining the key skills.

The online capability matrix for digital information and records management released by the Archives in May came out on top of the corporate publications category of the Mander Jones Awards, presented by the Australian Society of Archivists last night in Hobart.

Building up the digital skills of information management professionals is “the secret” to successfully making use of the growing quantities of information in the hands of government agencies and other large organisations, according to NAA director-general David Fricker (pictured above).

“Managing information and records in a digital business context is an increasingly complex undertaking due to the proliferation of technologies and formats, and huge volumes of data,” Fricker said.

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