Kathryn Campbell: DHS service delivery reform a success, all things considered

The Department of Human Services is expected to please everyone. Secretary Kathryn Campbell opened up this week on the consolidated department’s four-year service delivery reform project, the culture challenge of competing tribes, and dealing with technology on a massive scale.

June 30 marked the end of a consolidation and service delivery reform process the Department of Human Services began in 2011, and secretary Kathryn Campbell thought it was time to say a few words.

“We think [service delivery reform] is a success,” she said, sharing some reflections on the reform process on Wednesday in a keynote address to the Institute for Public Administration Australia ACT branch.

“Yes, there’s a few little things we need to continue to work on, but we think it’s set us up well to continue to deliver on welfare payments infrastructure transformation. The plan changed over time, as they always do, but we remained focused on making sure we were servicing customers every day, business as usual; transforming; and bringing the staff with us.”

Kathryn Campbell

Kathryn Campbell

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