Australia unconvinced by digital service advantages

Australia is still a country digitally divided according to the first survey commissioned by the Digital Transformation Office, with half the public not yet warming to the idea of all government services going digital. But for those who do prefer digital, an expectations baseline has now been set that puts the APS on notice for the first progress report later this year.

A survey commissioned by the Digital Transformation Office that shows the government has significant work ahead of it to convince the community that digital services, and the savings they bring, are a good thing for the country.

But for those that are on board with the digital agenda, expectations on government services are high — and currently they’re not meeting the bar set by the private sector.

Just a month after its official launch, the DTO has put Commonwealth service delivery on notice with the release of a baseline for its new Digital Transformation Index.

To get the DTI baseline, the DTO commissioned a community survey and found greater confidence amount small business than the general public in government digital services.

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