ACMA review: call to absorb competition function

Submissions to the review of ACMA have elicited a range of views for reforming the regulator. The spread of digital information technologies throughout the economy means that a future ACMA will almost certainly look different.

Chris Chapman

Chris Chapman

ACMA’s chair, Chris Chapman, is stepping down at the end of the year, giving an opportunity for Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reshape the organisation unfettered, and the submissions published on Friday offered plenty of scope.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority should be replaced with a regulator combining its telecommunications, radio and broadcasting focus with the relevant competition functions of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, argues a submission by telecommunications giant Optus to the Department of Communications’ review of ACMA’s responsibilities.

The corporation proposes scrapping ACMA for a new style of regulator modeled on the United Kingdom’s OfCom, an independent, converged regulator covering telecommunications and broadcasting.

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