Helping agencies reach indigenous spending targets

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Indigenous Business Australia has launched a new team to help its clients in the maturing indigenous business sector win more corporate and government contracts. It will also help federal agencies meet new targets that demand a significant increase in spending with indigenous businesses over the next few years.

As federal entities try to ramp up the amount of goods and services they purchase from indigenous suppliers to meet strict new targets that came into effect on July 1, Indigenous Business Australia is on hand to help.

IBA has working relationships with plenty of companies that are 50% or more indigenous owned and stand ready to take on significant government contracts right away. The organisation’s new commercial markets team is keen to play a matchmaking role, according to executive Kirsti McQueen.

“There are good, strong businesses that are ready, and in some ways we’re a nice intermediary,” McQueen told The Mandarin. “We’re a construct of the Commonwealth government and we’re working with these businesses, so [other agencies] can come and talk to us and say: ‘OK, we’ve identified four or five contracts that might be suitable, what have you got that might be able to help us meet the contracts?'”

Kirsti McQueen

Kirsti McQueen

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