Result 10 bringing better outcomes for New Zealanders

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New Zealand is three years into its digital transformation agenda, with “Result 10” — solving the pain points in digital government services — and their online authentication system, RealMe, changing how the country supports citizens’ major life events, starting from birth. Project lead Richard Foy says they’re on track for 70% digital uptake by 2017.

The Centre for Public Impact is bringing together world leaders to learn, exchange ideas and inspire each other to strengthen the public impact of their organisations. Here Miguel Carrasco talks with New Zealand’s Richard Foy about digital transformation of citizens’ major life events.

Where are you reading this? Perhaps you’re at home or at your desk? Or on your daily commute? Maybe you’re in between meetings or at the airport. Wherever you are, your smart mobile device is likely to be within reach. In our world of apps, tablets, cloud computing and social networks, you’re one of billions of people now connected across our planet via an ever-expanding list of platforms and software systems.

Richard Foy

Richard Foy

The digital revolution has penetrated deep into business and society, bridging generational divides and bringing countries, communities and individuals ever closer together. Governments, too, are seeking to tap into this richly transformative seam. Today’s policymakers are increasingly reliant on technology to deliver their public services and some are also using it to make open government a genuine reality. With voters now able to shop or bank online at any time of the day or night, they should now expect nothing less from their public services — a fact long recognised by Richard Foy, general manager for Digital Transformation in New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs.

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