ComSuper staff will retain APS rights for three years

The APS Commission has advised that ComSuper staff who have been forced to work for Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation will retain their APS employment rights for three years. A few months back, the commissioner argued against the special dispensation in a Senate committee.

Australian Public Service agencies are free to hire former ComSuper staff who now work for Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation following the merger of the two agencies on July 1, despite the fact they now work outside the public service.

The Australian Public Service Commission advised agencies this week that against the recommendation of commissioner John Lloyd, those employees have the same “employment mobility rights” as other APS staff for a grace period of three years.

The APSC will provide written proof of their employment history and the fact they now work at CSC as a result of the merger, if required.

Federal agencies can now take on those CSC staff through “section 26” transfers and they also have access the APS redeployment register, in the case they are declared excess to requirements.

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