Finding sand in water: challenge of getting real insights from data

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VIDEO: Tom Burton talks with Kerry Purcell, the Managing Director for IBM Australia and New Zealand, about the challenge of getting real insight from digital data metrics.

Tom: Kerry what makes you so excited by the data and analytics place in government?

Kerry: There is so much data out there and breaking that what we call… so we see data as the next natural resource, but it is like a natural resource. It is like sand, water, and big desserts and finding the gems and the natural resources and extracting them is the most exciting bit for us.

Also technology has enabled us to do things and this is changing in such a rapid rate. So whether it’s more Moore’s law, any law in our industry, it is driving us to new places that we’ve never thought we’d get to. Even 12 months go, 24 months go, the advances we are all making, not just IBM, but everyone is making, in this space is huge.

So the challenge for us all is we have what we call structured data and unstructured data. So if you say “Okay this is a natural resource. There’s a lot of sand, there’s a lot of water out there, how do we work it?” We go “Okay we’ve got structured data, so every government agency has reporting systems and it captures information in a logical way.” That’s cool, that’s fine. But there is so much happening in the unstructured data space.

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