Solving citizen problems in Australia’s federation

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VIDEO: Tom Burton talks with Kerry Purcell, the Managing Director for IBM Australia and New Zealand, about the complexity of delivering customer-focussed solutions in government.

Tom: The challenge of the citizen dealing with all these agencies, federal, state, local, how does government start to approach that problem? A problem if you’re like of one government.

Kerry: It is clearly a complex problem to solve, but one that we all have to work hard at solving. Inevitably the citizens are really demanding it and that’s going to only increase. The way that we would look at it is being able to, just as IBM has partnered with Apple, Twitter, Facebook and many other people in our industry, there’s going to be increasing pressure for the government agencies at a federal and obviously a state level (to partner) and this is not unique to Australia. But I think Australia really pushing the boundaries here.

That’s why I really love coming back to Australia from Japan. You see the drive in the public sector and in the private sector for not only earlier adaption technology, but for change. So there’s a strong appetite for change. I can see at a federal and at a state level and they all have particular programs in place. So I think the Digital Transmission Office is going to be pivotal, but then tying that into the initiatives by all of the state is going to be key.

Listing to the citizens — I know they’re all doing that — accelerating that listing and then partnering with each other and with people, obviously not only with IBM, but people from the technology sector.

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