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VIDEO: Tom Burton talks with Kerry Purcell, the Managing Director for IBM Australia and New Zealand, about what government can learn from big business on digital transformation.

Tom: Just talking then about the lessons or learnings from the commercial world, we’ve seen big companies like Telstra, Westpac and others really make this transformation journey, from your own observations what are the learnings that we can pull from that back to government? What can government leaders learn from those environments?

Kerry: I think there are two or three things. One is it has to be led from the top, and we’ve seen that in Australian blue chip companies. We see it in some government agencies, and so having a champion at the top is probably one critical ingredient.

The other ingredient is building an environment that enables, in a more open way both the government agencies to work together and work with the private sector, will be the second thing. So building an open environment, which I think the Digital Transmission Office, working in collaboration with the state initiative is already underway. That will be a catalyst to that.

The third one is really the technology enablement. Demanding solutions rather than point products and having this fragmented, slice and dice solutions, give me one solution to take that addresses healthcare and I mean the big H of healthcare, social services, department of health or anything to do with medical health claims for example. Building those ecosystems that will have clear, clearly designed and well thought out business solutions.

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