McCarthy’s new challenge: from centre of national security to aged care policy

Margot McCarthy

Margot McCarthy

National security is a pretty big deal for the Abbott government, but the prime minister’s department will be doing without one of its top experts in the field from now on as she takes charge of aged care policy.

Former National Security Adviser Margot McCarthy, whose title changed to associate secretary shortly after the Coalition won the 2013 election, has now taken a slight demotion to deputy secretary at the Department of Social Services.

The DSS organisational chart shows that on August 17, McCarthy became permanent deputy secretary in charge of ageing and aged care at DSS, as our publishing stablemates at Crikey reported today. Speculating she was “exiled” to DSS in Tuggeranong from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in central Canberra, the report suggests she was “too focused on actual security issues and not enough on hype and stunts”, but many make side-ways moves for themselves and their families.

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