Inside ChildStory: NSW dept aims high with crucial IT project

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NSW public servants are running the $100m ChildStory IT project according to the new digital tenets of agile, iterative development and co-design. Its co-directors spoke with The Mandarin.

The reform of the New South Wales child protection system came with $100 million for new IT systems, and the public servants running the project are doing things differently this time around.

Underpinned by a series of legislative changes last year, the $500 million Safe Home for Life re-design ostensibly aims for a “less legalistic [and] process driven” framework by focusing on earlier intervention to hopefully keep more children from going into statutory care, as well as providing more permanent homes for those who do.

Lisa Alonso-Love

Lisa Alonso Love

The Department of Family and Community Services’ four-year ChildStory IT project will be crucial if it’s to deliver on the third tenet: “a modern, responsive and child-focused system”. With a modular approach, it aims to develop a set of separate digital tools designed to meet specific user needs, based around an idea of what children and families experience in the system.

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