Top 10 reasons to be at the Power to Persuade symposium

By The Mandarin

September 11, 2015

The team from The Power to Persuade have offered to a few reasons to come to next week’s 2015 symposium in Canberra on Friday, September 18 and the pre-conference PTP:Gender session Thursday, September 17. Registrations are still open.

PTP 2015 registrations still open.
PTP 2015 registrations still open.
  1. Because how often do you get to mix with people across sector who want to learn how to work together better (not just work out how to deal with current funding arrangements?)
  2. Because where else will you hear an open debate on social impact bonds AND the NDIS from Australia’s leading thinkers in different sectors in one place?
  3. Because how many policy forums have an entire day dedicated to gender?
  4. Because it’s one of the few forums where the public, private, and community sectors are fully engaged in dialogue.
  5. Because some of Australia’s most distinguished social policy speakers are involved.
  6. Because University House is an institution that everyone should visit at some point in their lives.
  7. Because the forum will be interactive, not death-by-Powerpoint.
  8. Because networking.
  9. Because how many forums bring together social policy, welfare, health and public health?
  10. Because social change means we need to learn to work together better.

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