Forum: future-proofing Australia’s workforce through STEM

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VIDEO: Five experts discuss the opportunities and challenge in future-proofing Australia’s workforce for the STEM careers needed for the digital era.

The Australian economy is fundamentally changing as the world embraces technology and the digital economy. Modelling in the recent report  A Smart Move suggests a $54 billion windfall if we increase the number of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) trained employees by one per cent, but requires innovation and a pool of skilled workers ready to exploit this opportunity. This provides a major challenge for our industry and education sectors.

As a nation we can’t afford to do nothing. At a time when nearly five million jobs are at risk from digital disruption, the number of students completing STEM programs has fallen.

Watch as an expert panelist discuss the opportunities STEM offers and how industry and education sectors can better work together to create the demand for STEM careers and build Australia’s skills and capabilities for the digital era.

Forum panelists:

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