Making public service markets work

When government engages external providers to deliver services, what role should it play in ensuring the markets in which these providers operate are performing at their best? Tom Gash is bringing the UK’s discoveries to IPAA 2015.

When asked how he would describe market stewardship, Tom Gash from the UK’s Institute For Government, told IPAA: “I like to think of it as all the things that government has to do to make sure that services are provided properly by private companies and charities… it’s a broad concept”.

Tom Gash

Tom Gash

“The reason it’s important is that often when government contracts out a service there can be a tendency, as has sometimes been the case in the UK, to concentrate on writing a contract and then thinking everything will be OK.

“Government has a role in making sure these markets work,” said Gash, adding that the importance becomes evident when we consider the case of service provision for more vulnerable people in society such as older people or those with a disability.

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