Tom Burton: what we know about Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull’s two years as Communications Minister tell us much about what he will be like as Prime Minister.

If you want an insight on new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, consider his role as Communications Minister.

As far as style goes, it is always the Malcolm show, but if there has been any change over the last years, it is a willingness to seek and take advice from anyone he thinks has a good idea. That could be one of the international digirati he loves to mix with, or a young entrepreneur from Sydney’s fishburners start-up community.

But for substance, in one sentence: a determination to bring robust modern thinking to resolve and rethink the nation’s challenges and to aggressively seize the opportunities of the digital era.

Throughout his large sprawling portfolio he was known as the executive chair, a constant presence, quick to txt (or Whatsapp) and ready to take on his officials when he thought their work inferior. Just ask ABC chief, Mark Scott, whom Turnbull often publicly jammed for basic quality control failures.

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  • HackneyMick

    Good report and analysis, thanks Tom.

    Michael Zerman Adelaide