Who could be the new Communications Minister?

Once Malcolm Turnbull resigned from Cabinet yesterday, day-to-day duties of that ministry would have fallen to his parliamentary secretary Paul Fletcher (pictured). However, now that Turnbull is being sworn back into Cabinet, the PM-designate will keep the portfolio at least for the next few days until the end of the sitting period. After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Some are speculating that Fletcher, a former Optus executive, is the only person for the job now that Turnbull has bigger things on his plate. Other names floated include former WA state Treasurer Christian Porter and Senator Arthur Sinodinos (although if he returns to frontbench it’ll likely be to a larger or more central portfolio).

Crikey‘s Josh Taylor yesterday came out for Fletcher as the “only logical choice”:

“While much of the outcome of any partyroom ballot is still up in the air, one thing is for certain: Turnbull won’t be the communications minister anymore. So the question becomes, who is next?

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