What can Australia’s first digitally literate PM accomplish?

With a digiterati in the Lodge, Australia could see previously backburner issues, such as the Open Government Partnership, back on the agenda. Digital government consultant Craig Thomler on what Malcolm Turnbull can aim to achieve in 12 months.

Rudd & Gillard could work the Twitters.

Abbott understood the need to engage digitally, if not the tech, the value or the full impact (and mistakenly thought one of his ministers had invented the internet).

Even Howard got on board the digital express with a few YouTube videos.

However Australia has never before in its history had a digitally literate PM of the likes of Malcolm Turnbull.

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  • Tom Gash

    A real opportunity here.
    If the Digital Transition Office does get a revamp/ push, well worth looking at the recent UK experience – the UK Government Digital Service had some great successes but its role has recently been reviewed, largely in recognition of the fact that ultimately digital capability needs to sit in all departments not just at the centre.

  • Mikael Andersson

    Hi Tom, we definitely must admit that the UK GDS failed, in front of our eyes. It was de-funded and the entire aristocracy left, with the CEO Mike Bracken plus Tom Loosemore leaving last Friday (and everyone feigning shock). The GDS has been hemorrhaging staff back to Australia, where they are ex-pats who can return home, or where we can bend (break) the rules by getting them into this country as having special knowledge. The special knowledge is How the GDS Failed. It is no example to follow. It’s an example to avoid. Clearly it had the wrong focus altogether, specifically the point you make so accurately that “the fact that ultimately digital capability needs to sit in all departments not just at the centre.”