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Opportunity for rethink of women’s issues, violence, gender pay gap

Our sister publication Women’s Agenda was never quite convinced in Tony Abbott as Minister for Women. WA‘s editor Jane Gilmore says shift to Malcolm Turnbull offers an easy win with women’s issues, but wasn’t impressed by his 2009 shadow cabinet that included just three women.

“While male violence, female representation and gender pay gap issues have become much more prominent in public debate over the last few years, it’s not quite enough to excuse Turnbull’s lack of female inclusion in his [2009] Shadow Ministry as a sign of the times …

“But he is also going to have to address the national response to the male violence, he is going to need to ensure he significantly improves the representation of women in his government and he is going to need to appoint a strong and effective Minister for Women. These are easy wins, quick gains. It will be telling whether he recognises them as such and acts on it.”

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Harley Dennett

Harley Dennett is editor at The Mandarin based in Canberra. He's held communications roles in the New South Wales public sector and Defence, and been a staff reporter for newspapers in Sydney and Washington DC.