Tony Abbott’s unfinished business: indigenous recognition, drugs, violence

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s final press conference touched on many of the achievements he was most of proud of. It also touched on the work not yet finished.

  1. “Constitutional recognition of Indigenous people. Getting the kids to school, the adults to work and communities safe. I was the first Prime Minister to spend a week a year in indigenous Australia and I hope I’m not the last.”
  2. “Then there’s the challenge of ice and domestic violence, yet to be addressed.”
  3. “Australia has a role to play in the struggles of the wider world. The cauldron of the Middle East. And security in the South China Sea and elsewhere.”

Full transcript:

What a crowd today, thank you for being here. This is not an easy for day for many people in this building. Leadership changes are never easy for this country. My pledge is to make this change as easy I can.

There will be no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping. I’ve never leaked or backgrounded against anyone. And I certainly won’t start now. Our country deserves better than that.

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