Customs boss shifts to Department of Immigration secretary

Tony Abbott has named a new head of the Department of Immigration, with Customs boss Michael Pezzullo to make the shift. His deputy will step up to replace him.

Customs head Michael Pezzullo (pictured) will become the new secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced.

And Roman Quaedvlieg, currently deputy CEO of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, will replace Pezzullo at the head of that organisation.

Pezzullo has been a Labor staffer and Defence civilian. He advised former foreign minister Gareth Evans and was a deputy chief of staff in Kim Beazley’s office as opposition leader.

He was appointed CEO of Customs in 2013, replacing Michael Carmody. At Defence, he was a deputy secretary of strategy and planning, and had oversight of ministerial support and public affairs. He led the Defence white paper team and was principal author of the 2009 report.

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