NDIS lessons: transforming lives needs the social context

If the National Disability Insurance Scheme hadn’t run trial sites, it wouldn’t have known the risk that was building up. NDIA’s chief executive David Bowen explains the progress and lessons on the way to full implementation.

David Bowen

David Bowen

The Centre for Public Impact is bringing together world leaders to learn, exchange ideas and inspire each other to strengthen the public impact of their organisations. Miguel Carrasco talks with the new National Disability Insurance Agency CEO David Bowen about the path to full implementation of Australia’s ambitious new safety net.

Empower. Enable. Entrust. Three words that have become the core of Australia’s new National Disability Insurance Scheme, a reform programme that aims to transform the lives of disabled people.

It’s a daunting task but David Bowen, inaugural chief executive of the National Disability Insurance Agency, is relishing the opportunity to deliver real, tangible and improvement to the lives of some of Australia’s most vulnerable people.

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