Defamation 101: the essentials in an online world

With social media and communicating with the public online on the rise, it’s vital to know how to mitigate defamation risk.

As government departments increasingly have an online presence, including social media, there are countless issues for leaders to be mindful of when it comes to defamation risk.

Robert Gregory, a Maddocks partner who advises government and corporate organisations on technology matters, says there’s a generational difference in the way potential online risks are approached.

“Digital natives use and see technology a lot differently to people who are a bit older,” Gregory said. “People from our generation often see the risks of defamation and all the negative elements of online engagement and social media.

“On the other side, a lot of younger people don’t even realise that you could potentially defame someone, or you may open yourself up to legal risks by posting something online.”

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