Smoothing out the infrastructure lumps at Major Projects Victoria

As Victoria’s infrastructure-focused agencies proliferate, The Mandarin sat down with Major Projects Victoria CEO to discuss the work of MPV and how sometimes you learn the most from the disasters.

Tim Bamford sees the role of the agency he has headed since 2012 as smoothing out the bulges in the state government’s construction pipeline.

“It’s lumpy,” the executive director told The Mandarin of Major Projects Victoria. “Large, unique, one-off projects that come along every once in a while are pretty hard to just gear up for and gear down for. If you can identify those around within government and then put the expertise in a single place to deliver those, you get a chance to even that out.”

To make sure the State Library or the Shrine of Remembrance don’t have to look around for their own staff to manage the occasional major project, MPV provides that skill base.

But it is operating in an increasingly crowded space. While Major Projects Victoria has been around since 1987, the Victorian government is introducing two new agencies with similar names: Projects Victoria and Infrastructure Victoria. The legislation to create Infrastructure Victoria passed recently, though Projects Victoria “is still in development and further details will be released once it has been finalised”, a government spokesperson said in a statement to The Mandarin.

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