New report: climate change, security and the ADF

By Harley Dennett

September 22, 2015

climate-security-reportThe Climate Council (an independent body created by Tim Flannery and the other former commissioners of the Climate Commission) has published a new report authored by Australia’s former Defence chief Admiral Chris Barrie on the growing national security threat of climate change.

Be Prepared: Climate Change, Security and Australia’s Defence Force report reveals Australia is lagging behind its UK and US allies in preparing its militaries for climate change, with Australian Defence Force resources already under strain from the increased need for humanitarian assistance in response to climate-induced disasters.”

Key findings include:

  1. Climate change threatens food and water security, along with increased dangers associated with extreme weather and human displacement.
  2. Global military forces are labelling climate change a “threat multiplier”.
  3. Climate change puts the Australian Defence Force under pressure.
  4. The UK and US militaries are rapidly preparing for climate change while Australia lags behind.
  5. Strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is critical for limiting the security implications of a changing climate.



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