Mandarin webinar: getting the most from your retirement

Retirement lifestyle choices can have dramatic impacts on redundancy and superannuation options. The Mandarin‘s webinar with State Super Financial Services offers timely advice.

Retirement lifestyle choices can have dramatic impacts on redundancy and superannuation options. This is especially so for older public servants who often are on defined benefit schemes, where they are entitled to a regular pension. In an interactive Q&A session, The Mandarin‘s free, one-hour webinar today will explore the importance of careful consideration of your retirement options with an expert adviser with wide experience dealing with public sector schemes.

The Mandarin publisher Tom Burton will talk with State Super Financial Services’ general manager Jason Andriessen about these issues for government employees considering taking a redundancy package.

This webinar, brought to you State Super Financial Services, will look at:

  • How lifestyle choices can dramatically impact your redundancy and superannuation options ;
  • Some learnings about typical retirement and what it means for your financial future;
  • The importance of having purpose and what it means for lifestyle and financial options;
  • The state of the current program of voluntary redundancies in the public sector;
  • The types of people found to be accepting voluntary redundancy as a good option for them;
  • Options and tax implications to consider;
  • The reasons why it is critical to get the right advice before accepting a voluntary redundancy; and
  • The factors to consider before taking a package going into retirement.


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