Tasmanian Integrity Commission finds ‘systemic failure’ on gifts

A 12-month investigation by the Tasmanian Integrity Commission has found “a systemic failure” across State Service agencies to apply policies on receiving gifts. But DPC secretary Greg Johannes thinks a blanket ban would be impractical.

Tasmanian State Service agencies have displayed “a fundamental misunderstanding” and “concerning complacency” on the issue of gifts and benefits, argues a report by the Tasmanian Integrity Commission.

The State Service “appears to be at risk of developing a culture of entitlement in relation to receiving gifts and benefits — that employees are owed these ‘rewards’ because of their ‘hard work’,” argued the report, which was tabled on Tuesday.

Tasmanian Integrity Commission CEO Diane Merrywell

Tasmanian Integrity Commission CEO Diane Merryfull

The report is not about blaming individual public servants, commission CEO Diane Merryfull explained. “It is about the system. Agencies are failing their employees, leaving them without the clarity, training and support they need in dealing with gifts and benefits,” she said in a statement.

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