Change of PM? No big deal say Treasury, Finance bosses

The recent ministerial reshuffle on Capital Hill and the machinery of government changes it catalysed may have far reaching effects, but it’s pretty much business as usual for the seasoned bureaucrats running the show.

“Oh, it was no big deal really,” Treasury secretary John Fraser (pictured) told the ABC’s Emma Alberici last night, after a dinner event hosted by the ACT division of the Institute for Public Administration Australia.

“I mean, we did all the preparation that you’d normally do. The first week was remarkably quiet. It was pretty seamless.”

Department of Finance secretary Jane Halton, who was also invited to talk shop with the Lateline host, was equally unfazed by the leadership spill that elevated Malcolm Turnbull to the top job, and Scott Morrison to Treasurer. She said she could sense that “something was happening” when she walked up to Parliament House on the morning of that fateful Monday.

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