Victoria’s first crime victims’ advocate ‘will work with bureaucracy’

Victoria has appointed ex-police union chief Greg Davies as its inaugural commissioner for victims of crime. “It’s not about taking a razor to the public service” he told The Mandarin.

Greg Davies

Greg Davies

Victoria’s new commissioner for victims of crime Greg Davies says he wants a constructive relationship with the public service to ensure the best assistance for victims.

“It’s not about taking a razor to the public service,” he told The Mandarin, “it’s about assisting public servants to provide the best possible product for victims of crime.”

The Victorian government announced yesterday that Davies, a former head of the state’s police union, would be the its first commissioner for victims of crime. It follows the creation of equivalent positions in Western Australia and New South Wales in 2013.

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  • Commissioner for Victims Right

    “Crime victims should have a strong voice if justice is to be done. Procedural justice is important for those emotionally, physically, financially and socially affected by crime,” said South Australia’s (and indeed Australia’s) first Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, Michael O’Connell. “The appointment of Australia’s fifth Commissioner (SA, ACT, NSW & WA) as an advocate for crime victims is yet another step to secure rights and protections for crime victims, as well as to help them rebuild their lives.”