SA independent calls for wholesale efficiency reviews and unrestrained audits

Independent South Australian MP John Darley believes all of the state government’s departments need to conduct wholesale efficiency reviews considering every one of their functions, and that the auditor-general needs greater freedom to investigate wasted resources.

Darley introduced a two-pronged bill to parliament late last month, telling his fellow upper-house members both measures aimed to reduce waste and increase efficiency by making sure resources, including staff, are deployed where most needed.

“The first part of the bill makes amendments to the Public Finance and Audit Act and removes restrictions on what the Auditor-General is able to investigate. Currently, the Auditor-General is restricted in what they are able to investigate,” Darley said.

“The bill removes restrictions and enables the Auditor-General to examine matters in connection with an audit if they are of the opinion that an examination is warranted or if it is in the public interest.”

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