CEO steps down as Tasmanian Integrity Commission fights for survival

Tasmanian Integrity Commission CEO Diane Merryfull

Diane Merryfull

Diane Merryfull has stood down as chief executive of the Tasmanian Integrity Commission, less than two months after inaugural integrity commissioner Murray Kellam finished his term and blasted the current and former governments on the way out.

The commission’s board issued a statement announcing “with regret” that Merryfull would finish up on October 16 and return to Canberra with the intention of retiring from full-time work.

The ABC reports she declined to say why she chose to retire with nearly two years to go in her five-year term. In comments to ABC television reporter Michael Atkin, however, she did refer broadly to the same inertia on both sides of politics that led Kellam to declare the TIC had “laboured under a manifestly inadequate legislative framework since the day it opened its doors” in his parting serve in August.

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