DTO: gov.au to be new entry portal for government services

The federal government’s Digital Transformation Office has outlined its first work program, promising to have working services up and running within the next 20 weeks.

A new portal — gov.au — to access government services is to be developed by the federal government’s Digital Transformation Office as its first project. A prototype is being built designed around common user needs and will be ready in nine weeks time.

DTO CEO Paul Shetler

Paul Shetler

Speaking at a CEDA conference on Digital Government in Melbourne, DTO CEO Paul Shetler also announced the first of a series of exemplar projects, each of which will be released as beta versions within 20 weeks.

The projects include streamlining business registrations, importing of goods into Australia and Medicare enrolment. Shetler also told the conference DTO would be working with the ACT government to build a new booking system for non-urgent medical appointments.

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