Free event: what you need to know on cybersecurity

By The Mandarin

November 18, 2015

John Ellis
John Ellis

Cyberattacks on government systems and online platforms are inevitable — but how prepared are you for them?

The Mandarin with partner Akamai are presenting an important breakfast briefing, from a global thought leader on cybersecurity with lessons from Australian agencies and war stories from around the world. John Ellis is a frank and fearless advocate with decades of experience. At this special Canberra event he’ll answer the questions most critical to agency leaders and technology practitioners:

  • What are the top cyber risks? Are they different in Australia compared to the United States, the United Kingdom and China?
  • Where are the likely gaps in your defense? How do you go about plugging them?
  • How do you assess if your security investments are delivering the highest possible level of protection in return?
  • How can you weave together security point products (from multiple vendors) to create an effective, adaptable framework?  
  • How do you develop a “total defence” strategy?

It’s a rare opportunity for debate, discussion and learning. Chatham House rules will apply. Listen as John cracks through the complacency and offers the tips you need in his inimitable style.

WHEN: Tuesday, December 1 @ 8-10am

WHERE: QT Canberra @ 1 London Circuit

WHO: Digital directors, webmasters, CIOs, CTOs, CSO, security advisers, communication specialists, risk and crisis managers, emergency executives, SES wanting to understand the threat environment, CFOs seeking insight on the most effective investment strategy for security

RSVP: By November 30

JOHN ELLIS is Chief Security Strategist for Akamai across Asia Pacific and Japan. He is an experienced thought leader with more than 20 years of IT security strategy and technology solutions experience.  He has spent the last eight years in Asia and is deep into the Australian cybersecurity space.  John has held senior technology positions in Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Capital and Telstra.

AKAMAI is the global leader in content delivery network services, making the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers. Akamai uses its global scale and expertise to help safeguard web sites and other Internet-facing applications from the risks of downtime and data theft.  It also accelerates websites and applications to ensure organisations can deliver fast, rich, dynamic web experiences across devices.

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