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Lanyard fuss not so expensive in bulk after all

What is a lanyard worth? About $0.70 if you buy 80,000 at once, as Defence recently did in an effort to make everyone under its big umbrella feel more unified.

Thanks to an odd a freedom-of-information request from someone going by the name Paris — perhaps a rival lanyard supplier — we now know the department recently spent $56,434.40 on that big order of its new One Defence lanyards.

As reported in the local paper last month, some Defence people had a problem with the little plastic safety clips that break open if the lanyards get caught. The lesson for all those in the lanyard game is safety breakaway clips best be located on the side, not around the back.

The FOI disclosure also includes a quote for more of the same but with “adjusted breakaway clip location” at a bargain basement charge of $0.51 each including GST, for an order of 20,000. Upping it to 30,000 means the supplier could sharpen the pencil on that and get it down to 46-and-a-half cents a pop.


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Stephen Easton

Stephen Easton is a journalist at The Mandarin based in Canberra. He's previously reported for Canberra CityNews and worked on industry titles for The Intermedia Group.