Optimising mobile performance for service delivery

Increasingly, citizens are demanding from government the same level of mobile experience they get with the world’s biggest technology giants. Agencies here have some work to do.

Australians are enthusiastic adopters of mobile devices such and mobile is fast emerging as the dominant channel for accessing a dizzying array of digitally delivered services.

Australian Government agencies, like businesses, are embracing the potential of mobile by adapting websites and services, such as myGov, for convenient access to more innovative and personalised services — when and where they want to.

The imperative to deploy mobile technology for government service delivery has never been greater. Mobile access matters because of its ubiquity and connectivity. These devices travel with us. They know who we are, where we are, what websites we visit, who we talk to and even how healthy we are. The combination of mobility and connectivity means this data can be shared and aggregated.

Mobile accounts for about half of all transactions online and has penetrated every aspect of daily life, from bill-paying to movie watching to information gathering. Naturally, mobile technology has the potential to greatly simplify the way Australians access, and engage with, government services.

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