PM Turnbull: 'we need to take risks'

By Harley Dennett

November 27, 2015

When Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull helped launch The Mandarin a little over a year ago, he was adamant the public service needs to take more risks, trial untested ideas, and do whatever it takes to make government better. On Thursday he again made clear that he’s not backing away from that belief now that the responsibility falls squarely on his shoulders as leader of the nation.

As the PM jetted off to Malta for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, he made sure his commitment to the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management was still filled. Sending a minister in his place, Turnbull also a message of his own for all public servants:

“Public administration has a vital role to play in supporting the seamless delivery of government policy and service.

“The opportunities for Australia have never been greater nor the horizons wider but if we are to empower people to grasp these opportunities, government must lead the way.

“We need to take risk and be prepared at every stage to challenge the way we did things yesterday and with both hands to grasp new ways and possibilities for the future.”

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