Why technology should come last in cyber security

People and processes and having a clear plan that everyone understands will collectively do more to promote cyber security than buying technology. And that advice comes from one of the leading vendors. It comes down to business risk mitigation.

Cyber security is big business these days and the market is flooded with a growing array of advice, opinions, tools and services, but the overall responsibility can never be outsourced.

The recent revelation of a major data breach via the Bureau of Meteorology is a reminder that the risk which is real, significant and growing. Lots of Australian public sector agencies are not up to speed, but that doesn’t mean they should rush to throw money at the cyber security companies in the hope they will make it all go away.

Agencies should be wary of the impressive claims that emanate from the burgeoning cyber security industry, and that’s according to a marketing boss from one of the biggest and most respected vendors.

The global director of RSA-Archer’s market liaison team, Cliff Huntington, says lots of vendors will say they can make you safe, but “that’s a lie, pure and simple”. Huntington was in Canberra recently for a military ICT conference.

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